Oklahoma Energy Efficiency Collaborative

SPEER hosts Collaborative meetings in Oklahoma to engage with a broad cross-section of stakeholders to share state specific goals or activities, and includes state agency representatives, utilities, university staff, local governments as well as various building industry professionals.

The PURPOSE of this Collaborative is to facilitate discussion and collaboration to better coordinate actions and policies affecting efficiency financing, municipal goals, energy efficiency incentives, energy code compliance, or other issues that the stakeholders identify.

SPEER brings the technical resources and shares the successful programs and initiatives that have been launched in Texas.  Multiple stakeholders are asked to participate because we believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats”. Progress in any segment of the building industry will have a ripple effect that will benefit others.  We will all likely achieve industry goals more effectively and quickly by working together.

The Collaborative meets three times a year to discuss progress and prioritize next steps, and to continue to identify local drivers.

Please contact SPEER if you would like to be part of this Collaborative.