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Resolutions, Energy Plans, and Climate Action Plans 

Below is a library of local government resolutions, energy plans & policy work, climate action plans, and resiliency initiatives.  These documents are meant to be a resource and showcase the commitment made by local governments to create an equitable, safe, and economically stable future for Texas and Oklahoma citizens.  This evolving library is a living document that welcomes new additions or feedback! Please send updates to  



Dallas: 2021 

Energy Plans + Policy

City of Plano, TX: Approved in 2016 

Resiliency Plans + Initiatives

El Paso, TX: Approved 2021 

Climate Action Plans

Energy Efficiency Day Proclamations

City of Dallas

New & Noteworthy

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act carries a host of tax credits and discounts on everything from electric cars to solar energy. Depending on location and income, American households can qualify for up to $10,000 — or more — in tax breaks and rebates.  EcoWatch created an incentives calculator to help consumers understand what rebates and tax credits they qualify for under the IRA. You can check it out below:
Inflation Reduction Act Calculator

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