Local Government

City Efficiency Leadership Council
SPEER, in partnership with the Texas State Energy Conservation Office and the Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), is collaborating with City Efficiency leaders to learn and share best practices in energy efficiency, while strengthening relationships among Texas local governments. This collaboration of support provides coordination and sharing of best practices among the City Efficiency leaders in cities of various sizes. Read more.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)
SPEER is working in collaboration with the Texas State Energy Conservation Office, Keeping PACE in Texas and Texas PACE Authority, among other organizations, to help local governments adopt PACE districts and successfully implement PACE programs in Texas. Read more.

Street Lighting Program
SPEER is working with the Department of Energy and collaborating with other REEO’s to gather knowledge and information on the common barriers that exist in LED street lighting retrofits, both in Oklahoma and Texas. Our efforts have included identifying barriers, and highlighting cities and utilities in our region that have overcome barriers and identify as well as research utilities in the region to determine where the existing rate structure supports LED street lighting retrofits. We continue to work with cities, utilities and other public entities in our region to educate and promote more efficient street lighting. Read more.

Building Energy Performance Benchmarking
SPEER is working with cities and utilities in Texas and Oklahoma to assist in accessing resources, and to identify and remove any existing barriers to benchmarking best practices. SPEER efforts include identification of benchmarking best practices, training and knowledge dissemination, facilitation of collaboration between cities and utilities for data sharing, and creating effective partnerships for the adoption of benchmarking as standard business practice in our region. Read more.