Texas Energy Code Adoption Toolkit

Local Adoption is the First Step toward Compliance

Texas updated its statewide energy codes in 2016 which puts local governments in a position to implement and enforce these changing codes in their communities. Each city, town, or village in Texas is required to take action. In many communities this may not have happened in a long time.

Energy Code Adoption Toolkit Untitled

SPEER developed this Energy Code Adoption Toolkit to provide resources to support local governments as they move to adopt new energy codes as required by statute, and to support the building industry with information, resources, tools and links to other supporting organizations. There are significant changes in this new code, so we want to make this transition as easy as possible.

The Toolkit is divided into three main sections and each section includes links to take you to a more in depth discussion of key topics.  In each section is an “Ask an Expert” button that you can use anytime to reach our staff for assistance.

Energy Codes in State Law– Energy codes and standards set the minimum requirements for new construction and renovations to ensure energy efficiency, comfort, and durability and make buildings more affordable to buy and to operate. This section will explain all the rules and state law that applies to codes.

Local Code Adoption – Each local government must pass an ordinance to adopt the code, and then has the authority to enforce it. Building code enforcement ensures that a building is not only designed with the right mix of components, materials, and equipment to meet efficiency requirements, but that construction and installation practices deliver the expected energy performance.

Training and Resources – Once you get started, this is a quick reference to find the forms, resources, and training you may need.

For a schedule of Codes Training and CEUs:  go to SPEER Calendar.