Local Adoption is the First Step toward Compliance

Texas updated its statewide energy codes in 2016, which puts local governments in a position to implement and enforce these changing codes in their communities. Known as the Texas Building Energy Performance Standards, this building code helps to insure safe, healthy, and affordable homes and buildings, while improving the air quality in the state. Builders are required to comply with the state energy code for all homes built in Texas, both in cities and in the unincorporated areas of counties.

Energy Code Adoption Toolkit

SPEER provides resources to support both local governments as they move to adopt new energy codes as required by statute and the building industry by developing information, resources, and tools. Watch the recap of our webinar on How to Update Building Codes for more guidance.

Energy Codes in State Law– Energy codes and standards set the minimum requirements for new construction and renovations to ensure energy efficiency, comfort, and durability and make buildings more affordable to buy and operate. Each local government must pass a city ordinance or county order to adopt the code and then has the authority to enforce it. Building code enforcement ensures that a building is not only designed with the right mix of components, materials, and equipment to meet efficiency requirements, but that construction and installation practices deliver the expected energy performance.

Code Adoption – The local adoption of energy codes, and all building codes, makes it challenging for the industry to stay informed when changes occur, so it is up to the jurisdiction to provide clear information to enable compliance. SPEER has compiled publicly available information about local code adoption and will continue to update this resource for stakeholders. We have not studied, recorded, or attempted to analyze the various amendments to the energy code that exist in local jurisdictions.

City Adoption Table: Equivalent to current state energy code City Adoption Table: Older, not equivalent to current code

Training and Resources – Once you get started, this is a quick reference to find the forms, resources, and training you may need.

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