2022 Policy + Industry Workshop

Join SPEER members, partners, and allies for two days of energy dialogue. We’ll exchange thoughts on energy policies and the changing landscape of both the Texas energy grid and national trends: increase energy efficiency & reliability, focus on demand response, grid solutions, legislative session. 

We're Hiring: Energy Code Technical Manager

Buildings last a long time, often 50 to 100 years and sometimes longer. This is important because these same buildings are responsible for approximately 70% of electricity use in the U.S. and generate nearly 50% of annual global CO2 emissions. Do you have a strong technical understanding of building science focused on residential and commercial building construction? 

Building Operator Certification Training

According to the Department of Energy, on average, 30% of the energy used in commercial buildings is wasted, which presents building owners and managers with a huge opportunity for operating costs. The BOC program is a training and certification program that provides low to no-cost energy saving operational strategies to maintenance & operations personnel.

2021 SPEER Year in Review

The challenges that SPEER continued to face in 2020 and last year were different from challenges in years past. That said, 2021 was an incredible year of growth and opportunity for our organization and we’re embracing the progress to come!