Texas Public Sector Energy Focus Group

SPEER launched a statewide Texas Energy Focus Group to assess local government and public sector energy needs. Apply now and provide valuable insight into important issues such as Texas’ energy equity, resiliency, and sustainability to produce an understanding of what cities and local governments find essential for efficiency and energy strategies and programs.

Learn, Lead, Sustain with BOC

Building Operator Certification (BOC) training teaches you how to bring your building to peak performance, saving energy and money. BOC graduates make their buildings more comfortable, efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Local Government Energy Reporting Guide

We have created an energy reporting guide for the 41 Texas counties that are currently identified as “affected” by the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan to provide education and technical assistance for reporting requirements.

Rethinking Texas’ IOU Energy Efficiency Programs

Texas ranks poorly when it comes to energy efficiency. Increasing utility energy savings goals, which have not changed since 2012, can help reduce consumer costs, avoid building expensive & polluting power plants, and ease stress on the Texas energy grid.