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You can re-watch all of our previous City Efficiency Leadership Council and Energy Code webinars on our YouTube page. This is a great resource for topics and presentations presented by industry subject matter experts on energy code and local government-related issues such as electrification, best practices of duct sealing, envelope sealing, benchmarking with ENERGY STAR, heat pumps, and so much more. 

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Financing Clean Energy in Texas

During this webinar, learn more about pre-term and term loan financing solutions designed for non-profit, government, and multifamily properties through this partnership and what these financing solutions mean for Texas communities.

  • Learn about clean energy financing solutions
  • Unlocking market potential in traditionally underserved communities
  • Overview of the easy-to-use online workflow platform designed to streamline and create transparency during the loan application process

Embracing Blockchain with Sustainability in Mind

Texas passed the Virtual Currencies Bill (HB 4474) in June 2021, which announced its full support of blockchain technology. With the cheap electricity and friendly business environment, it can be expected that Texas will become one of the most important hubs of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency mining but its excessive energy consumption and carbon emissions have raised increasing concerns.

Keeping the Lights on in Extreme Weather Events

Power outages due to extreme weather events are on the rise. Microgrids with combined heat and power can decrease the likelihood of power outages ensuring critical infrastructure buildings can stay operational, whether that for first responders, hospitals or shelters. During this webinar, learn what resources are available to support the development of your critical infrastructure microgrid and the best practices to ensure you are getting the best onsite generation for your needs.

An Introduction to Residential Insulated Concrete Forms

Even before lumber prices skyrocketed insulated concrete forms (ICF) were a great option for builders. Comfort, affordability, indoor air quality, utility costs and more can be improved with ICF over traditional stick frame construction. Join us for this hour webinar over the basics of residential construction using ICF. Presenter is Cameron Ware with Nudura.

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