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You can re-watch all of our previous City Efficiency Leadership Council and Energy Code webinars on our YouTube page. This is a great resource for topics and presentations presented by industry subject matter experts on energy code and local government-related issues such as electrification, best practices of duct sealing, envelope sealing, Benchmarking with ENERGY STAR, heat pumps, and so much more. 

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Green School: Creating a Healthy & Productive Environment for All Students

Post Occupancy Evaluations (POEs), including user satisfaction and resource use studies, were done in various Middle schools in Texas to understand how they perform after occupancy. The study goes into detailed data analysis to understand how decisions can affect resource use, operations costs, and comfort, health, and wellbeing of users. This research promotes POEs (relating these to the WELL Building Standard) to inform future designs, clients, and industry decisions.

An Introduction to Residential Insulated Concrete Forms

Even before lumber prices skyrocketed insulated concrete forms (ICF) were a great option for builders. Comfort, affordability, indoor air quality, utility costs and more can be improved with ICF over traditional stick frame construction. Join us for this hour webinar over the basics of residential construction using ICF. Presenter is Cameron Ware with Nudura.

Future Grid: Hitting the Ground with Heat Pumps in Texas

This webinar provides an overview starting with the basics of geothermal heat pump operations and ending with the impacts of scaled deployment, and will cover thought-provoking data and concepts. The objective is to create awareness of the technology, the state-of-the-art in the Southwest, and best practices for building grid resiliency.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Basics of geothermal heat pump operations
  • Best practices for building grid resiliency
  • Impacts of scaled deployment

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