Energy efficiency delivers proven economic and environmental benefits. Efficiency resources help increase electric reliability and lower overall energy costs.  Numerous studies have shown the abundant potential for utilizing energy efficiency as a least-cost resource.  Despite these benefits, efficiency is often underutilized, and policies are often needed to overcome barriers to reach the full potential of energy efficiency.

After Winter Storm Uri in 2021 the Texas State Legislature passed a slew of bills aimed at increasing the reliability of the Texas electric grid. However, there was still a significant need for legislative action this session. Following a record-breaking summer in 2022 which set eleven peak demand records and an overall 9.5% increase in average load plus multiple calls from ERCOT for consumers to conserve energy we have recapped the 88th TX Legislative session covering all things grid, energy efficiency, equity, building codes, and more. The good, the bad, and the not-so-terrible. 

Policy by State

Templates & Resources

SPEER seeks to accelerate the adoption of energy-efficient products and services in Texas and Oklahoma through policy change. We provide templates and informational resources to allow stakeholders to seamlessly engage with policymakers throughout the legislative and regulatory process.

Reports & Materials

Our policy program also follows policy developments throughout the region and synthesizes the information in our monthly policy newsletter. For the latest news, read our recent policy newsletter. For more policy fact sheets and reports head over to our reports page where you will find resources on topics including the history of Texas energy efficiency programs, a review of Texas IOU energy efficiency programs, how efficiency creates grid resilience & reliability, and much more.

Heat Pump Working Group

Over the last year, SPEER has convened a working group of heat pump manufacturers and implementers to assess the need for increased installation of heat pumps in the region, review barriers to deployment, and identify policy solutions to encourage further usage of the technology. This group has been instrumental in the development of  SPEER’s Heat Pump Resources which serves as a third-party informational resource to educate interested persons on how heat pumps work, the different types, and provide rebate and incentive opportunity links.

Energy Codes

SPEER’s Codes Program provides a plethora of information relating to energy codes and how increased adoption of new energy codes will increase efficiency in new building and lowering homeowners’ costs. Toolkits for both Texas and Oklahoma allow for a seamless understanding of energy code adoption process.

Local Governments

SPEER’s Local Governments Program offers in depth analysis of best practices of energy efficiency projects, management and conservation programs, and reporting practices to support local governments.

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