City Efficiency Leadership Council

CityLeadersIn 2013, SPEER began facilitating and supporting the City Efficiency Leadership Council with delegates from each of the six largest cities in Texas (Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and El Paso). This council includes representatives from various departments within the cities ranging from sustainability managers, directors and energy efficiency leaders. The council began by collaborating to create the 10 City Best Practice Case Studies on Efficiency in Texas Cities to document energy efficiency initiatives and projects at the city level. This network has continued to convene quarterly to discuss opportunities for collaboration and information sharing in an effort to expand the adoption and coordination of various energy efficiency initiatives and resources.

10 City Best Practice Case Studies on Efficiency in Texas Cities

  1. LED Street Lighting
  2. Revolving Funds for City Efficiency Projects
  3. Benchmarking City Properties: City of Houston Case Study
  4. Third Party Energy Code Inspection
  5. Energy Service Performance Contracting to Improve City Facilities
  6. Creating the First PACE District in Texas
  7. Municipal Pool Energy Efficiency Project
  8. City Park Water Reclamation Project
  9. El Paso’s Energy Savings Challenge
  10. Optimizing Energy and Water Management in Local Governments

Expanding the Leadership Council

The the City Efficiency Leadership Council has been expanded to include City Efficiency Leaders from several mid-size and smaller cities in its network of Texas cities. The goal of this program is to promote the 10 City Best Practice Case Studies, and / or develop more city focused case studies and topics, while creating a collaborative network of cities to share information on energy efficiency initiatives and resources. If your city is interested in participating in the leadership council please contact us.

Engaging Local Governments

SPEER plans to continue to convene theCity Efficiency Leadership Council quarterly, via conference call, to continue working together in identifying new efficiency projects and potentially developing best practices on  how to overcome barriers to efficiency projects in an effort to advance energy efficiency in Texas. SPEER will also host bi-annual council meetings in the Dallas, Houston and Austin areas. The purpose of the council meetings is to bring the city leaders together to collaborate on the best practices, share current efficiency practices and programs, but to also work together to expand the council to include more surrounding cities. This forum provides cities with the opportunity to discuss current efficiency projects, barriers and identify new projects, all while assisting other cities in understanding options for efficiency projects and expanding the adoption of efficiency projects or programs in Texas.

These cities together are leading by example in their communities, by saving tax dollars and contributing to the improvement of regional air quality.