Local Government Energy Reporting Outreach

Texas’ 42 affected counties subject to Local Government Energy Reporting requirements

77% of the population of Texas lives in 42 counties currently in non-attainment or near non-attainment with the Clean Air Act. In order to curb air pollution from electricity generation, the 82nd Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 898 amending Health and Safety Code §388.005 to require energy efficiency programs in political subdivisions, institutions of higher education and state agency facilities located in these affected counties in Texas.

Each political subdivision, institution of higher education or state agency in the affected counties is required by state law to:

  • establish a goal to reduce the entity’s electricity consumption by at least 5 percent annually for 10 years, beginning Sept. 1, 2011; and
  • submit a report annually to SECO regarding the entity’s progress and efforts to meet the 5 percent annual reduction goal.

SPEER is launching a new outreach effort to cities across the state to encourage the development of energy efficiency plans and increase reporting to SECO. We will work to engage stakeholders across city departments, develop tools, and breakdown barriers to encourage energy management beyond the State’s minimum reporting requirements.

Contact SPEER’s Local Governments Program:
Cassidy Ellis
Local Government Program Manager, SPEER