Financing Residential Retrofits

-3rd Annual Summit Breakout Session-

Introduced by: Colin Bishopp, Renewable Funding

The residential retrofit market for energy efficiency is extremely low in Texas and Oklahoma. One of the most cited reasons is the up-front cost and lack of financing options. This session will explore multiple ways the region could support efficiency financing: Warehouse for Energy Efficiency Loans (WHEEL), Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), and a variety of USDA or clean air/clean water funds could be deployed. The SPEER Commission on Texas Efficiency Policy strongly recommended these new financing vehicles and more be used to facilitate additional investments in efficiency. Many of these options have scaled in other regions but Texas and Oklahoma homeowners still have extremely limited options when it comes to financing energy efficiency retrofits. We’ll talk about how these programs work and how we can help get the programs started quickly.

Participants in this breakout discussion include Ari Matusiak of Renovate America, Curt Rich of the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association, and Rachel Romero of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.