2017 SPEER Summit

2017-SPEER-Summit-LogoSPEER’s Annual Summit is the premier energy efficiency event for Texas and Oklahoma. In addition to excellent keynote presentations, our format included breakout sessions for deep dives into utility programs, building energy codes, efficiency financing, distributed generation, efficiency in electric markets, demand response, local government initiatives and much more. We hope to see you at next year’s Summit!

2017 Summit Agenda


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Topics included:
Breakout Sessions

Catching the Wave of Industrial Energy Efficiency

What are the most commonly implemented energy efficiency measures in industry and why? What is the status of CHP in the region? Also, hear about a SPEER pilot initiative with Texas A&M’s Energy Systems Laboratory (ESL) to implement a voluntary reporting/tracking system of EE project savings and the associated benefits such as regional emissions reductions. What are you doing this year to improve your company’s productivity and reduce energy costs?

Moving Efficiency in Mid-Size Cities

There are many opportunities to implement energy efficiency projects and programs within local governments in Texas and Oklahoma. In the last year SPEER has expanded the City Efficiency Leadership Council to include those in mid-size cities. Join us to discuss all things efficiency with the mid-size cities. The efficiency projects and programs they are implementing today, the challenges and barriers they have endured and how they overcame them.Topics of discussion will include street lighting retrofits, benchmarking within cities, PACE, among many others.

Lighting Trends & Innovation

This industry roundtable will discuss the top trends in various lighting applications. Topics of interest include the broader framework of intelligent lighting applications, controls & sensors, and the continued advancement of LED retrofits, among many others. In this session we plan to address guidelines on high efficacy lighting, which include how to choose bulbs based on your lighting needs, application and mood, the right color rendering and equipment for dimming. We will then expand into what is coming in the lighting industry and how we may be able to impact market adoption and energy savings around more efficient lighting technologies.

Connected Homes: Customers Take Control

As smart meters are broadly deployed across the U.S., how is the data being leveraged to help customers use energy more efficiently and save money? Prices for connected devices are down under $200 but data privacy concerns, lack of standards between utilities and limited access to energy markets for aggregated loads pose significant challenges. Hear from SPEER member companies on what’s working, what’s not and where this market is heading.

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Plenary Panels

Commercial Buildings & Energy Innovation Panel

How do you know how much you can save through a retrofit project and how do you finance it?  Panelists will share energy optimization strategies that have worked for them in their buildings, what they have saved, and what that means to their company.  These businesses benefit from participating in the 2030 Districts in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, which provides a network with local resources and information to support their reduction in energy, water and transportation emissions by 2030. Attendees are encouraged to engage in a Q&A.

City Efficiency Leadership Panel

Join us for the City Efficiency Leadership Panel, a discussion with the largest cities in the Region about their energy efficiency initiatives and projects. This panel will review implementation methods of various efficiency retrofit projects, the challenges and barriers overcome, and what the cities are planning next. Topics will include, but are not limited to: street lighting retrofits, benchmarking city buildings, and city energy challenges.  This will be a great opportunity to hear what your cities are doing to advance efficiency and join in on a Q&A session with these city leaders.

Utility Incentives for Energy Efficiency

SPEER will kick off with a history of utility spending and savings achieved.  We know that incentives play a large part of motivating change, accelerating new building practices, and supporting emerging technologies.  This panel will discuss current and future utility programs, participation and barriers, and what we should expect that is new and different.


Keynote Speakers

            Scott Tinker                Karl Rabago
Dr. Scott W. Tinker

Director, Bureau of Economic Geology – UT Austin

Karl Rábago

Executive Director, Pace Energy and Climate Center

Karl Rábago’s Summit presentation: Staff That Works – Energy Efficiency in an Era of Utility Transformation available for download here.



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