Financing Commercial Retrofits

3rd Annual Summit Breakout Session

Introduced by: Matt Golden, Investor Confidence Project

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Lack of upfront capital is consistently the #1 cited reason among building owners for not moving forward with retrofit projects. But new solutions have emerged to help overcome this hurdle and major changes are underway in the energy efficiency financing space. A number of new financing methods are becoming available as investors and building owners gain confidence that savings will materialize. Large sums of investment dollars are flowing into the space from private investors, and Texas has enabled PACE districts statewide which will allow a scale of commercial building retrofits previously unattainable. How can we drive adoption of PACE districts around the region and the state? What other financing vehicles are available–or could be available–and how do we scale them? What is necessary to increase private investment in commercial retrofit projects? This session will tackle all of these questions and more as we seek to increase financing available for commercial buildings.

Participants in this breakout discussion include Jason Putnam, Noesis Energy; Dennis Quinn, Joule Assets; and Cliff Braddock, Pepco Energy Services.