Distributed Energy Resources

3rd Annual Summit Breakout Session

Introduced by: David Walters, Walters Power, former Governor of Oklahoma

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New technology and open markets are ushering in a new renaissance in distributed energy resources, particularly on-site generation and energy storage. Regulatory systems and markets rules are having to adjust to market innovations. The Texas PUCT has a rulemaking underway that will update the interconnection process, determine the role and responsibilities that a third-party generator will be able to assume, and will even determine whether to alter the definition of distributed generation itself. ERCOT has developed a detailed model of the transmission system, but still does not have transparency into the distribution grid of local utilities, which is limiting the ability to recognize (and compensate) the contribution of small-scale loads and on-site generation to the market. Attend this session to hear the challenges to development of distributed generation in the region from the perspective of the developer/customer, or get engaged in industry initiatives to overcome the existing barriers.

Participants in this breakout discussion include David Smithson, who is leading the rulemaking effort for the Public Utility Commission of Texas staff; Kenneth Ragsdale, of the ERCOT staff, and Chad Blevins, Chair of the ERCOT Emerging Technology Committee, and industry stakeholder working group.