Webinar: Industrial Energy Efficiency in a volatile, high price energy market


SPEER is a member of the Texas Industrial Energy Efficiency Network (TIEEN), a network of publicly supported industrial energy-efficiency organizations. TIEEN will present its annual collaborative webinar Wednesday, April 12, 2023, 2:00-3:30 pm (Central). This will be a panel discussion on the topic of Industrial Energy Efficiency in a volatile, high-price energy market. We invite […]

Webinar: Energy Code Inspection Walk-through – Predrywall


The next installment in our energy code inspection walk-through series. This time we’ll go into the pre-drywall inspection and discuss what to look for and how to properly grade the installation quality. Presenting will be Randy Plumlee, SPEER's Energy Code Manager. Register Here

CELC Webinar :How to use Data to Create Stories

What makes a story engaging? Characters, setting, a seemingly impossible conflict to be resolved in the final pages. Context and detail are vital elements for anyone wanting to go from numbers in a spreadsheet to comprehension on the faces of colleagues and partners. In this webinar, learn how to identify the key elements of data […]

Webinar: Energy Inspection – Mechanical Ventilation Testing

During this webinar, we will study and break down the different ventilation equipment that is available and go through the different testing methods being used. The 2021 IECC testing is now required, but there’s no standard testing method being used. Let’s look at some data about the testing result differences when using different equipment to […]

Webinar: Texas Energy Code Compliance Collaborative (TECCC)

The Texas Energy Code Compliance Collaborative (TECCC) was established in an effort to find ways for the state to access and improve compliance with energy codes, offer support to local jurisdictions, and engage stakeholders in energy code discussions. The stakeholder group was established in 2011 and since 2014 SPEER has been leading the quarterly meetings. […]

CxEnergy 2023

Omni Fort Worth Hotel 1300 Houston Street, Fort Worth, Texasunit, United States

CxEnergy 2023 is the premier event in commissioning, building technology, and energy management. The 30+ educational sessions, state-of-the-art expo hall, and professional networking opportunities take place May 2-5, 2023 in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. The Expo Hall is featuring the latest technology in the industry. CxEnergy draws hundreds of the nation’s leading commissioning experts, energy management professionals, MEP engineers, HVAC testing professionals, facility managers and building owners. Government […]

CELC Webinar: Air Quality Related to Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling buildings use a lot of energy — about 43% of all energy use in the United States. Producing this energy requires us to burn fossil fuels like coal and oil, which contributes to air pollution and generates large amounts of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.  Understanding the connection between air […]

Webinar: Update on Stucco

Our presenter, Jeff Adams from Adams Home Inspections, has spent years in the field and has witnessed a multitude of issues with Stucco applications. Jeff will provide us an update on what he’s seeing and what needs to improve for best practice when using Stucco in today’s construction. Register here

Dallas In-person Workshop + Happy Hour

J. Erik Jonsson Central Library (Hamon Room - 5th Floor) 1515 Young Street, Dallas, Texas, United States

SPEER, in collaboration with the Energy Services Coalition (ESC) Texas Chapter, will feature a panel discussion focused on “No dollar left behind”. The panel will provide up-to-date information on the Investment & Infrastructure Jobs Act (II&JA), the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the expected flow of funds and timeframes, what is included in the bill relevant […]