The 2024 IECC Residential: What we know so far (Part 2)

Quickly approaching is the final draft of the 2024 IECC. Let’s review what we know so far. We’ll review changes to each chapter and each table. Buckle up, it’ll be a fun ride! Register here 1.5 hours

Webinar: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) basics and Mechanical Ventilation

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) directly impacts our health and comfort. However, modern building practices, while excellent for energy efficiency, often results in limited natural airflow. This can lead to the accumulation of pollutants indoors, which mechanical ventilation systems effectively mitigate. Join us for this presentation and let’s look at what makes up bad indoor air […]

Update on Advanced Framing

In this presentation, we'll look at simple but effective advanced framing techniques that any production builder can easily implement. From two-stud corners, ladder blocking, insulated headers, and 24-inch on-center, we review real-world examples of how advanced framing can optimize material usage, reduce waste, and improve the thermal efficiency of today’s new construction homes. Register Now

Webinar: Spray Foam Insulation – When is it correctly installed?

We are seeing more and more residential and commercial buildings using spray foam insulation to meet the energy code. Unlike fiberglass batts, applied foam does not contain an R-value mark that’s observable for inspection. Let’s talk about and look at the things to look for and verify to ensure the building envelope meets the requirements […]

Webinar: Harnessing Earth’s Power – An Introduction to Residential Geothermal Technology

Let's learn how a geothermal system works and the benefits it has for our homes and the environment. Our expert speaker will guide you through the basics of how geothermal heating and cooling systems work, their environmental impact, cost-effectiveness, and installation processes. Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint, cut down on energy consumption, […]

Heat Pump Training Workshop (In-person)

Looking to expand your knowledge of heat pumps? Join us and learn from the experts at Mitsubishi Electric. They'll cover IRA/IIJA funding opportunities, discuss where is the market going, what is driving the market change, new heat pump technologies, and much more. Thanks to our generous sponsor, Austin Energy, for providing space and lunch! Download […]

What Energy Efficiency Looks Like in Today’s Homes

SPEER's Energy Code Manager, Randy Plumlee, will give us a presentation this Saturday, March 9th, for the North Texas Renewable Energy Group on “What Energy Efficiency Looks Like in Today’s Homes”. Listen in and join with the zoom meeting link below: Meeting ID: 864 1287 1326 Passcode: 651388

Webinar: What’s Hot with Heat Pumps

Join us for our next SPEER webinar focused on heat pump technology, and why it’s ideal in southern markets. Our expert presenter will discuss the evolution of the technology over the years (which has improved dramatically!), cover why an inverter runs continuously, and why that’s a good thing. We will review cost perspective when it […]

Webinar: Why Energy Codes Matter

Discover through expert insights and a wealth of data the importance of energy codes in building energy-efficient homes. Learn how these codes not only contribute to environmental sustainability but also offer substantial cost savings. This informative session will guide you through the benefits, key components, and application of energy codes. Whether you're an industry veteran […]

Energy Code Ambassador & TECCC Meeting

SPEER supports the Texas Energy Code Compliance Collaborative (TECCC), which was launched by SPEER in 2011 in partnership with State Energy Conservation Office (SECO). By facilitating the Collaborative, SPEER connects industry stakeholders to help develop resources and programs that encourage compliance with state and local energy codes. This group of collaborative members meets quarterly and aids […]

Webinar: HouseRater Reports for Energy Code and Home Energy Ratings

In this webinar we'll cover how to interpret energy code and home energy rating reports generated through HouseRater. HouseRater is an integrated software tool, bridging the gap between energy modeling and field inspections. The full integrated solution is exclusively used by Raters/Verifiers certified under the Building Science Institute home energy rating system. The energy modeling […]