SPEER Review of the Texas IOU Energy Efficiency Programs – February 2019

SPEER Commission on Texas Energy Efficiency Policy – June 2017

History of Energy Efficient Programs – May 2017

Win‐Win Utility Regulation in an Era of Energy Innovation – November 2016

Improving Access to Smart Meter Data in Texas – October 2016

Efficiency and the Low-Carbon Future – March 2016

Efficiency and Ratemaking: Aligning the Interests of Utilities and Their Customers – March 2016

The Debate About Demand Response in Wholesale Electric Markets– October 2015

Incremental Demand Response Report– May 2015

Smart Energy Roadmap for Texas– May 2015

SPEER Commission On Texas Energy Efficiency Policy– February 2015

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Home Energy Rating Variability Study – January 2019

Observations of Insulation Products in Flood Damaged Homes: Hurricane Harvey Report – April 2017

2014 Code Adoption Report– December 2014

Municipal Best Practices

Energy Savings Performance, Contracting Best Practices, From the Experts

LED Street Lighting

Revolving Funds for City Efficiency Projects

Benchmarking City Properties: City of Houston Case Study

Third Party Energy Code Inspection

Energy Service Performance Contracting to Improve City Facilities

Creating the First PACE District in Texas

Municipal Pool Energy Efficiency Project

City Park Water Reclamation Project

El Paso’s Energy Savings Challenge

Optimizing Energy and Water Management in Local Governments

City of Plano’s Temperature Policy

City of El Paso’s Resilience Ambassadors Program

Street Lighting

LED Street Lighting Business Case – September 2017

Street Lighting Implementation Guide – May 2017

 Oklahoma Street Lighting Assessment – May 2017

Texas Street Lighting Assessment – January 2015

High Performance Buildings

San Antonio 2030 District Annual Report – July 2017

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Multifamily Building Energy Efficiency: South-Central Regional Multifamily Market Assessment – September 2016

Emissions Reduction Potential from Common Energy Efficiency Projects in Small to Medium-Sized Industries – March 2016

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Case Study – Comprehensive Retrofit Improves CHP Cost Effectiveness– February 2015

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