Rethinking Texas’ Investor-Owned Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

SPEER is meeting with stakeholders to develop potential changes to the structure and effectiveness of Texas’ Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) energy efficiency programs, with an effort to increase the achieved savings, and reducing energy consumption and peak demand in both the residential and commercial sectors. This reduction will contribute to grid reliability during extreme season peaks, and keep costs down for all customers. We anticipate public workshops will be scheduled to engage a broader group of stakeholders, and will encourage rulemaking by the PUCT in 2019.

A Look Back
In 2017, SPEER published a series of brief reports that examined the history of the IOU energy efficiency programs and policies dating back to 2002. The series summarizes the impacts of energy efficiency programs, the regulations and rules shaping those programs, and the effects of changes that have been made to the programs over the years. This series is provided here to offer policymakers, academics, and other energy efficiency stakeholders with a clear, objective look at significant aspects of IOU energy efficiency programs in Texas.

History of Texas Energy Efficiency Programs Policy Brief Series:

Take a look at this video clip created by Direct Energy “The Journey to a Competitive Electricity Market in Texas” regarding the history of energy efficiency in Texas.