Rethinking Texas’ Investor-Owned Utility Energy Efficiency Programs

SPEER is meeting with stakeholders to assess the structure and effectiveness of Texas’ Investor-Owned Utility (IOU) energy efficiency programs in incenting investments in energy efficiency.  Since publishing a series of policy briefs to capture the history and trends of the IOU energy efficiency programs, SPEER is exploring a vision for the future of the programs.

Our policy briefs series examines the history of the IOU energy efficiency programs dating back to 2002. The briefs highlight certain aspects of the implementation, cost, and effectiveness of IOU-administered efficiency programs in Texas. The purpose of the series is to expand awareness and understanding of the impacts of energy efficiency programs, the regulations and rules shaping those programs, and the effects of changes that have been made to the programs over the years.

The effects of program changes were evaluated using data SPEER compiled from annual reports the IOUs are required to file with the Public Utilities Commission of Texas. SPEER is maintaining and updating the data annually as new reports become available, and will make the data available to other stakeholders upon request.

This series of policy briefs is provided here to offer policymakers, academics, and other energy efficiency stakeholders with a clear, objective look at significant aspects of IOU energy efficiency programs in Texas. The series provides a foundation of information for stakeholders SPEER is convening to evaluate the policy, performance and potential for growth of IOU energy efficiency programs in Texas.

SPEER History of Texas Energy Efficiency Programs Policy Brief Series:

Take a look at this video clip created by Direct Energy “The Journey to a Competitive Electricity Market in Texas” regarding the history of energy efficiency in Texas.