About Us

The South-central Partnership for Energy Efficiency as a Resource (SPEER), is a regional energy efficiency organization (REEO) that aims to accelerate the adoption of advanced building systems and energy efficient products and services in our region, Texas and Oklahoma.  Our region includes nearly 30 million people and many of the fastest growing cities in America. There is a tremendous opportunity to increase energy efficiency in the region through building codes, retrofits for existing buildings, better training, innovative policies, and cooperative marketing to make it easier for the public to understand efficiency opportunities. We are a collaborative network of industry partners who shape the vision, message, and activities of the only organization specifically focused on growing markets for energy efficient technologies, products and services in Texas and Oklahoma.

Learn About Us:

SPEER’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of advanced building systems and energy efficient products and services in the South-central US.

Our purpose is to advance the understanding and adoption of energy efficiency as a low-cost energy resource, and to design, implement, coordinate, and support regional projects to promote high energy performance and clean distributed energy in the built environment.

Our History

SPEER was formed in 2011 as a public purpose, mission driven, industry supported, non-profit educational partnership, devoted to increasing the understanding and uptake of energy efficiency in Texas and Oklahoma. Business speaks very loudly in our region, and the business case for energy efficiency has never had a voice until now. SPEER has quickly become the industry resource for policymakers, professionals, consumers and industry in the region. Together, SPEER and our membership are accelerating the growth of energy efficiency retrofits and advanced building systems.

SPEER’s activities and initiatives have already had a significant impact in the region, but more importantly, SPEER’s growth, strong membership, and upcoming initiatives give the organization the potential to have a major and sustained impact going forward. This impact can be maximized by additional involvement from companies, organizations, foundations, and governmental entities that could provide support in myriad ways to help us achieve common goals.

If you’d like to get involved or learn more about SPEER, please contact us.