SPEER Initiatives

SPEER’s activities and initiatives have already had a significant impact in the region, but more importantly, SPEER’s growth, strong membership, and upcoming initiatives give the organization the potential to have a major and sustained impact going forward. This impact can be maximized by additional involvement from companies, organizations, foundations, and governmental entities that could provide support in myriad ways to help us achieve common goals.

SPEER is currently engaged in an ambitious array of projects. They are broken into four major focus areas:

1. Buildings – achieving efficiency in new and existing buildings
2. Local Government – supporting local and state governments
3. Policy – adapting policy to enhance energy productivity
4. Combined Heat & Power / Distributed Generation – developing a facility to be a generation source

Strategic Plan

It is important to note that many of these areas are significantly interrelated, so collectively will comprise our overall plan to meet the SPEER mission.  Our membership has contributed to the priorities and direction of these projects, which are compiled in our Strategic Plan.  The various focus areas are identified as either “strategies,” which are well defined and underway, or currently being initiated, or “future strategies,” defined as areas in which we hope to expand our efforts and resources in the coming years.