Local Adoption Process

Adopting a new code is always a time consuming process but following a few simple guidelines like keeping your stakeholders well informed and understanding the costs and benefits of the new code will make it easier. To learn more about the adoption process, see sample ordinances and amendments go here.


Benefits of New Energy Codes

Supporting increased adoption and enforcement of energy codes will greatly increase efficiency in new buildings, lowering a homeowner’s energy costs significantly enough to create positive cash flow for homeowners from day one, and reap the benefits of the savings for the life of the building. Both residential and commercial buildings can significantly reduce the peak demand for power, which reduces energy costs to the entire state, and reduces the need for additional power plants to be built.


Insurance Services Office Rating

Insurance Services Office (ISO) reviews city practices so that they can develop an insurance classification rating that reflects the safety and durability of the buildings in the event of flood or other natural disaster. This rating is based on having certified inspectors, regular training, adequate staffing to handle their local building demand, and the adoption and enforcement of current building codes, including energy codes. If the building code adopted by a city is more than five years older than the latest edition published (2009 and earlier codes), the city’s ISO score will begin to increase. A higher ISO score will result in increased insurance premiums for the residents and business owners in the city.

ISO published its Building Codes Assessment Report for 2015.  This report contains valuable information about the state of building code adoption in Oklahoma and the impact of delayed code adoption and lax code enforcement on hazard insurance rates.


Training and Resources

Training and education about energy codes for code officials, builders, contractors and designers will make the transition to the new code easier and less stressful for everyone. SPEER offers webinars, in-person trainings, videos and various other resources from groups like the Air Conditioning Contractors of America that will help all those involved in the industry understand what’s in the code and how to comply with it. To visit our ever growing list of trainings and resources, go to our Resources page.