Texas Field Study

Texas is one of eight states funded by DOE to conduct a three-year-long project to determine if energy efficiency in single family homes can be measurably improved through an intensive education and outreach effort.

SPEER, the National Association of State Energy Officials and the State Energy Conservation Office are collaborating in this work. A portion of Texas has been designated as the study area for data collection.


Texas data collection area


Texas Field Study Timeline

  • In Phase I, NASEO and their contractor gathered Data on current energy efficiency practices in new construction.
  • In Phase II, SPEER is conducting an intensive Education and Outreach Program for building officials, builders and contractors.
  • In Phase III, the data collection and analysis will be repeated to measure the improvement in energy efficiency in the study area and then will be extrapolated statewide.

SPEER is working with EUMMOT (Electric Utility Marketing Managers of Texas)   to use the data collected in this study to develop new utility programs that will provide incentives to increase residential energy efficiency in new homes and improve compliance with energy codes.

Why Texas Was Chosen for this Study

Energy efficiency building practices are important everywhere, but it is especially important for Texas to have an effective code education and compliance effort because of the enormous number of homes built here each year. Five of the 15 cities with the largest numeric population growth in the country are in Texas, including Houston (#2), San Antonio (#4), Fort Worth (#6), Dallas (#7) and Austin (#8). The number of new homes built in Texas each year far outnumbers that of any other state.

Code compliant homes are more durable more comfortable and more affordable. They save homeowners money on their utility bills and they help to keep utility rates low for all Texas Consumers.

2014 housing starts

Details of the DOE Field Study, including sampling and data collection information for Texas and the other participating states are available and updates will be posted regularly. For more information about the Texas study, contact us.

Phase I data collection and analysis is complete. For analysis and savings potential, visit our Phase I Results page.

Phase II training and outreach is in progress. For more information on SPEER’s training efforts, visit our Training & Resources page.