Data Access to Drive Efficiency

In July 2018, the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUCT) issued a final order that allows retail electric customers a secure and convenient way to share their 15- minute incremental electric-usage data.

….. AND IT IS HERE! The new Smart Meter Texas Platform (SMT) has been released! Now getting and sharing your data with an energy management expert will be so much easier!

The Value of Smart Meters

Texas residential customers, as well as small and medium sized commercial customers in the competitive retail electric service areas have paid roughly $2.5 billion for the deployment of over seven million advanced meters and related infrastructure. As a result, customers can get same-day electric service when moving into or out of a new home, as well as same-day switching of retail electric providers (REPs). Utilities can read meter remotely and REPs can offer creative products like “free nights and weekends” rates, or peak-time rebates. Moreover, date from the advanced meter infrastructure can enable customers to use cloud-based digital services (i.e. smartphone applications or websites) to better understand and control their energy use, respond to prices, optimize comfort, and contribute to reliable operation of the grid.

What does this mean?

EASIER ACCESS TO YOUR DATA! After all it is your data, right? This new SMT portal will store daily, monthly, and 15-minute interval energy data recorded by digital electric meters (smart meters). Providing customers and authorized market participants with secure access to that data. This new, easy to use interface for access to smart meter data also provides customers with a simple process to voluntarily authorize market participants, other than the customer’s REP, access to their energy data. This will enable customers to better manage their energy consumption, also lowering their electric bills, and access to benefits from new products and services!


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