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While we still offer BOC courses in-person, we now have the option to run courses virtually in an online, live format. Each of the 7 classes will be broken up into two 4-hour sessions, taking place on Tuesday and Thursday every other week, for 15 weeks. This is to accommodate both the instructors and the participants; understanding that it is difficult for building technicians and operators to be pulled out of buildings for a full day. This will also aid in maintaining the attention and focus of the participants.

The second day of each class will include a one-hour multiple-choice test, in which students are required to pass with a 70% or greater to demonstrate they understand what has been covered in class. Students will need access to reliable internet and a computer for this course. In addition to the tests, participants will be required to complete five hands-on projects at their facility. This will help the participants put into action what they are learning in the classroom environment. Sample data can be provided if they do not have access to their facility due to COVID19 restrictions.

The BOC program is now aligned with ISO 17024, an international standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for organizations that certify personnel. This change was initiated by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council (NEEC), the national administrator for the BOC Program, in order to keep pace with industry best practices and the increasing emphasis on professional credentials for workforce development. Upon completing the Level I BOC course participants will receive a BOC Training Certificate of Completion, TCOC. If participants would like to acquire their Building Operator Certification, BOC, credential they can take a final exam in a testing center. The certification exam cost is $285.00 and please note this is optional. With many training programs and certifications moving in this direction this standardization brings supreme value and credibility to both the BOC program and the certified operators.