The recommendations set a path forward to increase energy efficiency in Texas and were developed by a diverse group of 23 individuals, including former regulators and elected officials, and representatives of electric companies, non-profits, manufacturers, academic institutions, among others. The Texas Energy Report featured the recommendations in an article published this week.  Many of the members of the SPEER Commission  will be at the SPEER Summit April 13-14 in Dallas to discuss the recommendations which include increasing the availability of energy efficiency financing, aligning electric companies’ interests with increasing energy efficiency, maximizing efficiency in public buildings, improving energy performance of new homes and buildings, and better leveraging the smart grid to drive efficiency actions. The Commission also recommended the state use energy efficiency more as an air quality improvement strategy, and increase coordination amongst state agencies with a role in energy efficiency.

“The Commission has created a blueprint for efficiency policy efforts in Texas for both the short and long term,” said Commission Co-Chair and former Dallas County Judge Margaret Keliher. “We have presented a consensus set of policy recommendations that can move Texas toward a more efficient, stronger economy.”

“This document is the beginning of an effort to reinvigorate the state’s dedication to energy efficiency,” added Commission Co-Chair and former Austin Mayor Will Wynn.  “Efficiency stimulates jobs and economic activity, and increases the competitiveness of our state and local communities. It’s local, clean, cheap, and abundant.”

“The SPEER Commission agreed on a shared vision of how to improve the market for efficiency in Texas,” said SPEER Executive Director Doug Lewin.  “Consumers want more choices and options to use less energy and save money. Enacting these recommendations will go a long way toward giving customers those options, improving not only the efficiency of our building stock but of our economy as well.”

For the full report, including an executive summary and a roster of the Commission members, please visit our SPEER Commission on Texas Energy Efficiency Policy page

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