US DOE, SPEER, and a coalition of organizations and companies will host a Zero Net-Energy Ready Home workshop in Dallas on Thursday, September 5, 2013 at the Dallas Builders Association. See below for more information or to register for this event.

SPEER works to accelerate the adoption of advanced building systems and energy efficient products, services, and technologies, including net zero homes and buildings. To increase awareness and knowledge in our region, we collaborate wherever possible to bring training workshops like this one to Texas and Oklahoma. This workshop will be lead by Sam Rashkin of US DOE and begin at 1pm on September 5. Lunch will be provided at noon.

Details, a link to registration, and a description from DOE are all below. Thanks to our partners Texas Home Energy Rating Organization, Environments for Living, Dallas Builders Association, and US DOE for working with us to bring this program to Dallas. Stay tuned for more events throughout the region in the near future.

September 5, 2013
12:00pm – 5:00pm
Dallas Builder Association
5816 W Plano Pkwy
Plano, Texas 75093
$10.00 – Lunch Included

Register now

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Challenge Home offers an innovative solution for leading builders to differentiate their product from existing homes as well as minimum code new homes. The DOE Challenge Home label—the symbol of excellence in home building—makes it easy for consumers to identify Zero Net-Energy Ready Homes that are so efficient a small renewable energy system can offset most or all annual energy consumption.

The program builds upon the comprehensive building science requirements of ENERGY STAR® for Homes, along with proven Building America innovations and best practices. Other specifications are incorporated to help builders reach unparalleled levels of comfort, indoor air quality, durability and quality. DOE Challenge Homes are verified by a qualified third-party and are at least 40%-50% more energy efficient than a typical new home. This generally corresponds to a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index Score in the low to mid-50s; depending on the size of the home and region it is built.

Zero Net-Energy Ready Homes training provides a comprehensive review of zero net-energy ready home construction including the business case, detailed specifications, and opportunities to be recognized as an industry leader. In this two- to four-hour session, you’ll receive answers to:

  •  What is the future of housing and why is it headed there?
  •  What new business approaches are critical in a slowly recovering housing market?
  •  What critical components define a truly zero net-energy ready home?
  •  How are builders offering zero-net energy ready homes today at market-based prices?
  •  Why are they often the lowest cost option for homebuyers?
  •  What eight compelling value propositions are unique to zero net-energy ready homes?
  •  How do these homes lower builder risks?
  •  How can you construct these homes with readily available technologies and practices?
  •  How can you achieve recognition as an industry leader?
  •  What local resources are available to assist you on the path to zero net-energy ready home construction?