Building Operator Certification Program

[2018 Courses in Oklahoma & Texas]

The Building Operator Certification (BOC®) Program is a national training and certification recognizing individuals who have received specialized training in energy efficiency. This program is designed for those responsible for day-to-day operations of commercial buildings, such as building engineers, maintenance supervisors and others, and provides true value and lasting impact for those organizations and individuals who invest in it. Level I specialized training incorporates classroom learning with hands-on experience that focus on these class topics.

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BOC Level I Training Curriculum and Information

Closed Class Information (Enrolling 15+ participants)

Open Class Information (Enrolling 1-14 participants)

See how this national program has helped improve one facility’s operations that led to greater energy efficiency.

Impacts of Commercial Building Controls on Energy Savings and Peak Load Reduction – PNNL Report, May 2017

Save Energy & Money

In the Energy Savings for the Building Operator Certification Program Report, which was completed by 17 independent third-party evaluators, provides details on several programs and the savings associated with operator certification. These evaluations have shown that the average energy savings per participant is 100,500 kWh per year, which equates to $10,500 savings annually. In addition to saving both energy and money, BOC-certified operators also save 113,660 gallons of water per enrollee and .14 gallons per square foot. The program includes low-cost and no-cost ways to reduce energy costs. The cost is quickly offset by the energy savings from within the facilities which the participants serve.

Other Benefits

Completing the BOC training provides building operators skill enhancement in key areas associated with energy efficient building operations, project planning, opportunity to network with other professionals, and access to updated resources on facility operations. These trained operators are able to immediately use their training-acquired knowledge to do more effective problem solving, make buildings more comfortable for their occupants and extend the longevity of building equipment. The BOC credentials are widely recognized by employers as a program that identifies skilled and knowledgeable workers capable of improving energy and operational performance in the buildings they maintain.

Designed for

  • Hospitals and Health care
  • Schools and Universities
  • Hospitality
  • Property Management Companies
  • Local Government
  • State Government
  • Retail
  • Military

BOC Certification Examination

The BOC Program offers three credentials: a Level I Training Certificate of Completion (TCOC), a Level II TCOC, and the BOC Certification which is referred to as Certified Building Operator (CBO). In order to earn your CBO, one must pass the Certification Exam.
Successful completion of the BOC Level I training course is one component of eligibility to sit for the exam. You will be guided through the process during course training should you choose to pursue the BOC Certification credential.
The Certification Exam is a 3 hour test addressing topics covered in the BOC Level I course training. It is 120 questions, and you must receive a 67% score to passLearn more about the exam.

Exam Dates and Locations:

The exam takes place after the course is completed and exam applications have been reviewed. There are several hundred testing locations across the United States and Canada with flexible days and times to fit your schedule.

What graduates have to say about BOC

“The Building Operator Certification course was extremely valuable to me and basically served as a crash course in learning about the wide variety of aspects associated with my position. Much of my time is spent dealing with HVAC and energy efficiency issues so those specific classes were particularly helpful. The classes regarding Measuring and Energy Performance and Benchmarking and Efficient Lighting Fundamentals gave me a much better understanding of how to proceed with energy efficiency opportunities.”
–Alan Green, Director of Facilities, Mustang (OK) Public Schools

“The BOC course has been both practical and comprehensive. The classroom participation and monthly assignments allow us to use real examples from work which makes the course even more valuable as we get so see how this program applies specifically to our industry. The classroom setting is invaluable as everyone shares their experiences, problems and solutions and the instructors are available for questions both during and after the sessions are over. I would highly recommend this course for both building operators and, equally important, management.”
–Julia Emerson, BOC Certified Texas, Hillcroft Group LLC

Call for Instructors

We always welcome new instructors! If you are interested in becoming a BOC Instructor please visit our Call for Instructors for information on required qualifications.