High Performance Buildings (old)

Building Operator Certification (BOC)
SPEER offers the Building Operator Certification (BOC) program, a classroom and hands on project-based training and education program. It is designed to deliver immediate results and savings for building owners, operators and occupants. For over 20 years, the BOC program has supported building operators in developing critical skills in energy efficient building management. The curriculum aligns with ISO 17024 and the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2011 skill standard for operating engineers and building technicians. Average savings per participant is $10,500 or more annually, as proven in this study. BOC is accredited by USGBC and BOMI for continuing education. Read more.

50001 Ready Pilot
The 50001 Ready Program was created and launched by the Department of Energy (DOE)/Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO) in 2017, and is a resource to help program participants (industrial, commercial, municipal, institutional) implement and maintain an energy management system according the global standard to achieve continuous energy improvement, aligning with ISO 50001. SPEER is offering a 50001 Ready Pilot Program to a select number of schools in Central Texas, as a way to introduce the 50001 Ready Program and support the first “early adopters”. Read more.

Building Energy Performance Benchmarking
Building energy performance benchmarking is a process of using basic building and energy billing information to evaluate the energy use and relative efficiency of an organization’s buildings. We cannot manage what we do not measure, and optimizing the energy performance of any building starts with benchmarking. Besides generating a weather-normalized score and relative comparison to similar buildings, benchmarking also allows users to see important energy consumption trends and optional water, waste and carbon emissions. SPEER continues to provide resources and training to encourage and increase local government benchmarking.  Read more.

Texas Industrial Energy-Efficiency Network
SPEER has encouraged the collaboration of various non-profit organizations who provide resources to the industrial sector, to support investments in energy efficiency and efficient manufacturing. These organizations help the region’s industries continue to be globally competitive, meet their organizations goals and improve Texas’ air quality. Read more.